Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 58

Another beautiful Santa Monica day. Sorry for the long vent yesterday but I obviously had to get some things off my chest. There have been several inquiries and encouraging words about the "choir situation" and surprisingly I'm ready to let it go. I'm not ready to go back, but I really don't need to spend too much time dealing with things I can't control. I did find out that there are service commitments in the music ministry, so I could have done my 6 months, been near and around the choir and then auditioned again in January, but that was not offered to me. My spirit, my gut, my intuition and common sense tell me I have all the information I need and it's time to move on. Agape was in my life for a season. I needed Agape but apparently Agape doesn't need me. I would rather be somewhere where I am welcomed and appreciated. Which brings me to something I discovered on my walk today. The Meals On Wheels Westside office!! It got me thinking about being of service to someone who might actually want what I have to offer. MOW is a volunteer organization, Lord knows I do enough of that, but maybe I should look into attaching a little paycheck to my efforts. Just a thought. I'll let you know how that works out. You know me by now...everyday a new adventure!!

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