Friday, April 9, 2010

The is just a test. I am so proud of my "fun assignment" today. I bought a Flip camera almost a year ago and started recording some footage sporadically not knowing what to do with it. I decided to take it to the next step today so I plugged it into my computer and uploaded 3 segments from when I was shooting the new J-Lo movie, The Back Up Plan. I actually made a little movie out of it but the title and "credits" came out screwy. All in all, not bad for the first time. It was so easy!! So watch out...there's a monster on the loose. I'm gonna get all kinds of ideas now I can just feel it. Thank you little sis, Evita for the inspiration. I'm attempting to upload my mini movie to attach to this blog, we'll see what happens.
Today was a beautiful day. I went to sleep and woke up with positive messages seeping into my brain and wow, what a shift in consciousness.
I was interviewed by a woman who did a feature article on me in Curve Magazine a few years ago. This time she's working for Curve Magazine's blog called The Red Carpet. Just in time cause I intend to walk the red carpet in two weeks for The Back Up Plan. Who's gonna get me some red carpet clothes? The interview was at my friend Freida's restaurant Reyhan Persian Grill in Culver City. Check it out when you're in the area. The food is so fresh, they only use alkaline water and you must try a soup called Aush. (not sure if I spelled that right but sound it out)
And now for today's ironic moment: If you've been following my blog this week, you are familiar with my Agape choir story. Well today I got a phone call from an agency that hires caregivers. They would like me to come in for an interview and they are located...wait for the same building as Agape!!!! What does THAT mean? More will be revealed....
Enjoy my movie. If I did this right...

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  1. Quite interesting for the unfolding event. I'm curious to know why too for its caregiver in the same building! Always whatever didn't work out in the first place opens to the door to something else better; for at least that happens to me many times!!!