Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 60

I was so excited about posting my video yesterday I completely forgot to add the title! Yesterday's blog was Day 59.
Got up early this morning and met the Nawiri Walkers in Marina del Rey. I'm not usually out and about on Saturday mornings and it was intriguing to see so many people out in the world doing healthy things...taking care of themselves. Cyclists, joggers, walkers, sailors, rowers...I even saw someone on the water on a footboard? I don't know what you call it, but this guy was standing up on what looked like a surf board and he "rowed" with a long paddle that propelled him forward. He was barefoot wearing shorts and a T-shirt and he wasn't even wet! What will they come up with next? There is absolutely no excuse for people to be dormant. So the sistahs and I walked for about an hour and a half on flat land and on the sand. It felt really good! We took a picture for GirlTrek and one of the sistahs and I might meet up during the week to do a 2 1/2 mile walk near 20th Century Fox Studios. Next week we are scheduled to walk in Griffith Park. Today was my fifth day walking this week. I'm committed to this challenge and soon I know it will become a habit and my body will be unhappy if I don't walk. I also committed to doing the Revlon Walk on May 8th. That's a 5K---maybe about 3 miles? I was telling my mother today that my knees are doing quite well and maybe it's because I've lost a little weight already. Easing up on that pressure.
Had a gig at Agape tonight and arrived just as choir rehearsal was letting out. I felt so weird...I know this is my own stuff, but I felt kinda embarrassed or like I had done something wrong (see previous blogs). As people were leaving I thought "I wonder if they were in the room during my humiliating moment. Carlease, please, get over yourself." I hosted an event for the LGBT Potluck and Open Mic and everything was fine. The audience was a little serious at times, but they enjoyed my silly humor and I believe everyone had a good time. I met some really nice people, enjoyed their talents as well as the gifts of friends I've known for awhile.
Tomorrow I'm doing a set for Shanti Orange County. Although I love hosting, it takes a lot of energy to be on for the whole night, keep track of the entire program and be spontaneous. When a comic does a set within a show, it's wham bam then Cosmo time!!!
Either way I am truly grateful.

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