Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 156

Today I managed to get the hula hoop around my waist for more than one or two revolutions. I actually waist hooped until I was out of breath. I used the DVD that came with the hoop I bought oh so many months ago. The DVD is a better teacher than the live person I took class with last week. I kept my head and torso up, tucked my pelvis in and before I knew it that hoop was spinning around my waist. I did notice that when I put my left foot out front I had more power than when I lead with my right foot. I would think that my right side was stronger but I did discover in that skills assessment test I had back in May that my left side could very well be dominant. Interesting.
Another piece of good news, I am now officially an artist represented by Adilah Barnes Productions for taking my solo show, FIFTY! It Doesn't Look This Good On Everybody into colleges throughout the United States. I am so ready to do this at this point of my life and career. I've already made an appointment to work on my promotional material next week. Let's do this!!

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