Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 165

Got up early to meet with my walking group. We went to Descanso Gardens. What a disappointment. It was more of a walk than I thought it would be and far less of a garden. Apparently this was "off season" which makes no sense because all around town I see flowers and beautiful gardens everywhere I look. A staff member told us that the flowers are really pretty in the spring. Does that mean they stop watering in the summer? Couldn't they at least remove the dead roses from the bushes? And the cobwebs? They have some nerve even charging people admission. Well at least I can say I've been there. The camaraderie of the sistahs is always fun.
No drumming class today. There was a special event happening at Motherland Music but it hadn't started when my friend Kimberly and I got there so we went to eat 'cause we were hungry after roaming around among the dead foliage. Won't tell you what we had. Not very healthy but oh so good.
After a little nap, I read a very interesting script that I will be reading for the screenwriter tomorrow. Now I'll go get familiar with my characters, prepare my script and go to sleep thinking about how much I miss my beloved.

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