Friday, August 6, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 158

Everybody's talking about The first person to tell me about it was my sweetie. He has it on his phone. Then I heard about it from one of my hoop instructors, now today I read that it's all the rage with the kids. I'm still old school, so I want my phone to just be a phone but I registered with pandora on my desktop and it is so cool!! Thanks sweetie! Pandora is an internet radio station where you can create your own station(s) with only music you like. You put in an artist or a song and they create a playlist with similar music. The only thing is, I thought I would be able to listen while blogging, but I can't.
I got my book today on proprioceptive writing, so it's about to get deep up in here. I've been trying to keep things light and fluffy...let's see how deep I am willing to go.
Didn't blog last night so I didn't get to tell ya'll that I went to see Young Frankenstein at The Pantages with my friend Rob. It was a cute show. I enjoyed it. Went for a drink after and Rob and I caught up a bit. Hadn't seen him in a while, it was good spend time with him.
Today I had a couple of auditions and now I'm preparing for a day at the beach tomorrow. I plan to just a have a day of fun and celebration. It's my friend Jane's 50th birthday. Welcome to the club girl!!!

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