Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 178

I love being at the center of creativity. At LATC today I was right there in the vortex. It's a great feeling to be around so many talented artists and really get to enjoy the work, the process, the energy. I didn't have be in performer mode, I just got relax and take it all in. One of the highlights of the day was seeing the 10 minute plays two of which were written by Arthur French III. I know him from New York where I worked with his father. I remember Arthur III as a young boy. Now he's a grown *ss man and a playwright following in his father's footsteps. I love that! It was so inspiring I feel like I want to write a 10 minute play to submit for next year. Yeah right, like I need another project. Well now that I've put it out there, let's see what happens.
In two separate conversations, I chatted with my Beloved and our Hawaiian Paradise Goddess Ayin about our trip to Maui in December. It will be the vacation of a lifetime. I've done a ton of traveling but most of the time it was to visit family or to perform (which makes it a job. a fun job, but work nonetheless). This will be a long overdue vacation for me and my Boo. I wanted this birthday to be special but it's becoming more than I could ever dream of. GOD is good.

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