Monday, August 16, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 166

Nice casual Sunday. Peaceful before the work week begins. By work I mean unexpected auditions and dealing with the rest of the world who have had the weekend off. We don't have weekends in show business. As a matter of fact as a live performer the weekends are our work days, during the week is for rehearsals and pounding the pavement.
Today I did a reading for a screenwriter. Hadn't done one of those in awhile. As you know, I enjoy being a part of the creative process at any point along the way from start to finish. It was cool to see several members of Bill Duke's bootcamp. Hard to believe it was a year ago when we all met and worked together in class. Thank you Aaron for the email blast.
Came home and cooked a delicious salmon and roasted veggie dinner, prepared some stuff to be mailed tomorrow and totally got my praise on with Pandora Radio. That's the internet music site I told ya'll about. I played my gospel station tonight and loved every single song they played!! I had to make myself turn it off to get some work done. I even ordered a CD from
I want to get started early in the morning so I'd better get some sleep. Zzzzzzzzz.

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