Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 172

Why do I think I need to keep taking workshops that I believe will accelerate my show business career to the next level only to be disappointed time and time again? What is that all about? Yesterday I took part 2 of a workshop that I swore I would not attend. I was disappointed, angry even when it was all over yet I want to take part 3. Somehow I think the answer to my question is there. In the meantime I feel that the workshop leader is a scam artist and is just taking people's money for some "theory" he made up. And there I am....drinking the koolaid. Unbelievable.
All I can say is, I know when I do my comedy workshops I make sure I deliver on my promise. So far, no one has been disappointed and I have a waiting list for my next session. I need to stop giving away my money to people who can't help me. It's time to give back and I won't take advantage of people.
Last night I hosted Laugh-A-Latte for the first time in 3 months and boy did it feel good to be home. The energy was high, comics were great and the audience appreciative. Part of me feels the need to expand it, take it to another level and part of me is happy with the show the way it is. Think I'll let spirit guide me on this one.

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