Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 168

A productive day at home. Got some laundry done, fixed an awesome lunch, prepped my Comedy Show, made some important phone calls. My buddy Ron came over to help me with my presentation for the colleges and introduced me to a great raw food restaurant right here in my hood of South Central Santa Monica. I always pay him in food for helping me then I get to find out where the healthy places are. Time for me to start making some substitutions.
I just got an email from my friend Kimberly telling me that Dr. Laura is quitting her radio show because "she is tired of not being able to speak her mind without being attacked." Dr. Laura please. You used the word nigger (yeah I said it) repeatedly to a Black caller for no apparent reason, then went on to question her about why it's OK for Black people to use the word but others (white people) can't. That's just the way it is. No one has been able to explain it...it just is. So quit Dr. Laura. You're supposed to be so tough, so big and bad. You didn't even help the caller with her problem (she was in an interracial marriage and wanted to know what to do when her husband's friends make racist comments), you magnified it. You can't stand the heat so get out of the kitchen.


  1. Yeah, Carlease, you Wild Woman - you are right on target with Dr. Laura. That is a white woman with larger issues than her vile vocabulary. Go on home, Dr. L. You should have never left the kitchen!
    Teresa and I were watching tv the other night and saw your GEICO commercial and just about fell all over ourselves loving to see you on tv!! Wish we could visit in person again...
    The Senator

  2. Even though it's been a while since we've seen each other I can honestly say I miss you two. You made quite an impression and I hope we will get together again soon. Thanks for keeping in touch!