Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 157

Just finished reading a movie script for an audition I have on Friday. I love it when my manager sends scripts because it gives me a real feel for the character within the context of the project. It also gives me something to talk about at the audition. It's a sign of respect when an actor takes the time to learn and understand the story. For me, it gives me even more to work with.
Earlier this evening I had my second drumming class with the teacher I really like. The class was smaller this evening but still fun. It's a challenge, still can't master all of the beats but it gives me something to strive for. I'm going to buy my own drum soon.
Went shopping at Dewberries, Jackie Kennedy's hip and fun boutique on Pico near Fairfax. Bought a really cute dress, some matching jewelry and a gift for my friend Jane. I really like Jackie. She's smart, fun and confident. I will be going's a feel good place.
And my first stop this morning was a Comcast audition. Felt really good. I just know I will be at those callbacks next week. My GEICO commercial is getting plenty of airtime. Check it out on YouTube. It's called A Bird in the Hand. Thank you God!!!

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