Monday, August 30, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 180

Ooooo my feet are killing me! That's what happens where you have an 11 1/2 hour day on set. I am not complaining...I love my work. I've been working on the film PROM for about six weeks now and even though I have not worked every day I truly feel like a member of this family. Everyone has been wonderful and I'm so excited about this project. Some may say I have a small role, but my character has a very strong presence even though she may not say much. When she does speak, it's powerful. Underneath she has a heart of gold and a great sense of humor. I can't wait to see what Disney has in store for the promotion of this film. Shhh, I can't talk about it yet. Just keep your eyes and ears open.
On a not so happy note, I realized today that I have been bamboozled by my mother's home attendant. I have been paying her for hours she has not been working and she knows it. I however, have to take responsibility for not paying attention and saying anything sooner. This is all new to me as I've said before and I refuse to beat myself up for making a mistake. As my godbrother said this evening..."time to re-negiotate". So tomorrow the home attendant and I will have a little talk and her hours and pay will be cut. I will also have to check up on her more often. Every day, every hour, every 5 minutes if I have to. It's so sad. I always want to believe that people want to do the right thing. It's time to start adding more professionals to the team to help me figure this stuff out. I did what I had to do at the time. After I finish working on this film, we take this caregiving thing to the next level.
On a happier note, my mother seems to be more willing to prepare for the future and she appears to be do doing much better. She doesn't have to go back to the doctor for her knee for another 3 months. It's all good and it's all God. Right Boo?

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