Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 162

My beloved was having a bad day today and as he was telling me all about it, I started bombarding him with questions asking for all the details. He got more upset than he already was and hung up on me. Then I got upset, called him back to let him know that and apologized for aggravating him at the same time. We spend the rest of the day apologizing to each other which was kinda funny. See, neither one of us likes drama and we're not ones to wallow in negativity. I'm so grateful we can talk about these moments and get past them in a relatively short amount of time. What I've learned is that I really need to keep my mouth shut. Sometimes it's best to just listen. It may not be easy for me, but I will certainly be more conscious of that in the future.
Then I drove 30 miles to a city I'm not familiar with called Lakewood for a business meeting and the person I was meeting never showed up. I waited 45 minutes. No phone call, no text, nothing. No worries, I got back in my car, drove home and hired someone else to do the job he was going to do. Once again, I was trying to help someone out and they blew it. That seems to be a pattern in my life. I look at it as a sign that he was not the one to do this job. It will get done.
After those events I was more than ready for my drumming class. I almost didn't go because I got so comfortable in my home, but I'm glad I did. I played the best ever! I sometimes lost the beat and some of the combinations were kinda tricky, but I hung in there. I think I may finally have a hobby, something I do just for sheer enjoyment.

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