Monday, August 9, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 160

This evening I went to a meeting of a fellowship I've been a member of for 6 years. I felt the principles discussed at these meetings could help me with my current situation with my mother: reminding me to take care of myself first, accepting that I am powerless over certain things, turning my will & life over to God, etc. These principles do apply to all areas of my life, but after tonight's meeting I feel I should go to a support group that specifically speaks to my needs as a caregiver. There was one share that I could identify with but overall the atmosphere was a bit depressing. It was a small, dingy room on the P1 level of a parking structure. No windows, no color, and too much air conditioning. I saw some familiar faces and that was nice, but I still left early. I had had enough and I don't want to mention what I had to pay for parking but that was my own fault. I had heard about this meeting many times and always wanted to go. Now I can cross it off my list.

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