Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 21

Well, I did receive an email from Mr. Dublin Producer today and just as I anticipated, he wasn't happy. But not because there was such a breakdown in communication than I no longer wanted to work with him, nooooo. He's unhappy because apparently I'm the only performer in the whole festival that needed clarification on the word "artwork". He seems to be annoyed that I ask questions and he denies any inconsistencies. As a matter of fact, he has challenged me to list each and every "discrepancy" I have observed. In his words, "I defy you to point out any discrepancies." He wants me to "prove my statements" and then says that I am fully aware that he cannot fill my spot. Geez. Where is the love? The deadline was just two days ago and if artists didn't have all their materials in they would be out of the festival. Soooooo? I know for a fact he has a waiting list and was going to notify people on March 1 in case someone dropped out (or whatever). That seems to be standard procedure for most festivals.
As a producer myself, this is so baffling to me. Why wouldn't he want to make sure his artists had everything they needed to ensure a pleasant working situation and enthusiasm to be a part of his project? I would never treat any of my comics they way he is treating me. If I'm so "incompetent" as he has implied, I don't even know why he wants to work with me at this point. He invited me to participate in the festival but his behaviour is so hostile. Maybe it's a need more than a want. Hmmmmm....? This is beyond confusing. I just want it to be over. I told him I don't intend to go back and forth about this and I will not be corresponding with him anymore. I wish I could say I'm not even going to read his emails (I know there will be more) but that's not going to happen. Besides, I need to know what this guy is up to. I don't trust him.
So, if this is how I feel now.....need I say more?

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