Friday, March 5, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 24

Very productive day getting all my materials ready for The Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival show on April 1 in WeHo. No drama here (except for on the stage).
Went to see Steven Fales aka "Mormom Boy" in concert at MCC Los Angeles in preparation for my performance with him tomorrow night. Great show and I'm excited about writing a tailor made act for the MCC audience.
What's heavy on my mind at the moment comes out of two conversations I had yesterday. One with my friend Harold who is setting up a meeting for me with a very good friend of his who manages some heavy hitters in the music industry. This came out of me telling him about The Dublin Adventure. He thinks maybe his friend can help me, possibly manage me or point in the right direction so I don't have to go through a situation like that again. It's tough on talent to have to handle everything and be brilliant on stage. The other [facebook] conversation was with my friend Candace who jokingly said, "Don't make me have to call Junebug on that producer guy." (I paraphrase). Both of my friends have a point. I do need a Junebug. Someone to take care of everything and everyone from messy producers to stalker-like groupies who distract me before and after....and sometimes even during my performances. If I had a Junebug, I could just say, "handle that for me please". So...I'm putting it out there...I'm looking for my Junebug either in the form of a personal assistant or a manager/producer for my solo show. Someone who really knows what they are doing. A self-starter, take no prisoners kind of person. (Sounds like a classified ad doesn't it?) "Junebug" needs to be fearless and able to take care of me as far as business is concerned. I'm low maintenance but high performance. And I have to be able to call them.....Junebug.


  1. If they don't want to be called Junebug, then how about Pookie! LOL! This is exactly what you need Carlease. Your concentration should be completely on your performance. I am sending out the good vibes hoping you can find someone fast to be there for you. Heck, I would do it myself if I had the time. Good luck my friend!

  2. And girl, you know if I could afford you, you would have the job in a heartbeat! Just knowing you are sending out good vibes is a blessing. Thanks Junebug!