Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 33

Celebrated my friend and neighbor's 55 birthday today with dim sum and friends.  I always thought dim sum was a particular kind of Chinese food like egg rolls or dumplings but it is actually any small serving of a variety of things.  The waitresses rolls a cart over to your table, describes what's on it and you decide what you'd like to eat.  Then they place it on a lazy susan (everything seemed to be in 3 or 4's) and off you spin.  Everyone at the table gets a little taste.  There were 6 of us, all women and we did quite well.  We did not overeat.  Gail, the birthday girl, bought a cake so we avoided those strange little desserts on the dessert cart.  I met some fun new facebook friends (although we all looked familiar to one another) and we promised to keep in touch.
Later this evening, opened another friend's comedy show at the Spitfire Grill in Santa Monica.  Andrea Meyerson has quite a following so I was not surprised that the place was packed. I had a fun set and all of the comics were great.  I met some new acts for my room down in Long Beach and some more new facebook friends.  OK, so the word out on the street is that I need a fan page.  More on that later.  After I visit facebookland, I need to prepare for my audition tomorrow.

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