Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 50

What a glorious day! I worked on a TV show called FlashForward and had the honor to work with an award winning Japanese actress named Yuko Takeuchi. She was a joy to watch. I've worked on set with sign language interpreters many times, but this was my first time working with a Japanese translator. Yuko doesn't speak a lot of English but acting, like music, is universal. The emotion is there even if you can't understand the words. It was musical to hear several Japanese women conversing in their native tongue and fun to hear my name the way they pronounce it..."Cal-rease".
Also fun to work with director, John Polson from Australia. He has a very gentle way of working with actors and knows how to get what he wants and needs for the scene. He said we were going to have fun at the very beginning of the day and he was right. My call time was 11AM and I wrapped after 9PM. May get some overtime....YAY! I felt confident at the end of the day. Now, gotta get my info for an audition in the morning, then get ready for The L.A. Women's Theatre Festival tomorrow night.
That's a wrap!

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