Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 28

Here it is the second week of March and I realized I haven't booked my first TV or film job for this year yet. I usually have that covered before the end of the year prior. I've been auditioning, getting callbacks but no bookings....yet. That's why I stay busy and I'm grateful to be able to share my gifts in other venues. I've been doing my stand-up, hosting, writing (blogging) and producing so I never actually feel like I'm sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. I've noticed a pattern since 2003. I've never said it out loud and even though I'm not superstitious, I just don't want to give it any power but here goes. It seems that I work the most and make the most money in years that end in an odd number. Isn't that weird? And at the beginning of the even numbered years, people are constantly saying, "This is going to be your year. I can just feel it. I just know it." Really? And who told you that? It's twenty-ten. An even numbered year. A new decade. By blogging about this let's dispel the myth and keep it pushin'. Every year is a good year and every year will be better than the last. The best is yet to come. I'm not liking this roller coaster ride. I know that's how show business can be but I'm changing that paradigm for myself. Also, astrologically speaking (I'm a goat) and we tend to climb, chill out on a plateau, climb some more, chill on a higher plateau, climb, repeat, climb, repeat until we reach the top. OK. So I chill on the even and climb on the odd. Hmmm...maybe chill time is not so bad. Now, if I could only relax. Om----------

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