Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 32

I spent the day in the "theatre" but not on stage.  I was an invited guest in Steven Fales Solo Show Workshop this afternoon.  Wasn't able to attend the AM portion about creating a solo show but was there for the afternoon about producing.  I've already written and had a run of my show so I felt I wouldn't miss much.  The first thing we talked about in the afternoon was a subtitle for our shows.  Hmmmm? Do I already have a subtitle?  I discovered...not really.  The purpose of the subtitle is to further describe what your show is all about and to hook the audience/make them want to come see it.  I will be exploring that I come up with mine.  I love my title FIFTY! It Doesn't Look This Good On Everybody but it could use a little sumpin' sumpin' since it's really not all about turning FIFTY!  It's so much more than that. I do love the blurb I came up with in Adilah's class so it's always a work in progress. There were lots of little gems to think about from the workshop.
I left there to go to SAG for the reading of Christina Harley's play The Dreamers.  Oooooo, those actors cut up tonight!  It was a full house and the play is quite good. I am so proud of her.  It was nice to reconnect with my tribe members.  It has been almost a year since I've seem some of them. Let me explain "The Tribe".  We were all members of Bill Duke's Actors Bootcamp last year and one of the books he had us read was Seth Godin's Tribes, so we became Mr. Duke's "Tribe".  It's so nice to see many of the Tribe members working for Mr. Duke now and we continue to support each other in our careers. Emails are constantly being received with requests about everything from  "a work out buddy" to "cinematographer". We've created a nice family for ourselves.  It feels good.

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