Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 26

Well the Oscars are over for this year and the stars are probably still celebrating. I started not to watch but I had a feeling I would feel like I missed something if I didn't. I'm glad I tuned in. Lots of new stuff this year. Couldn't stop thinking about when I was a stand-on for Whoopi years ago. I had good behind the scenes look at what goes on and I certainly had several rehearsals presenting and accepting the award. Even got to hold Oscar and see what he feels like. Heavy. So I'm ready for MY Oscar!! Guess I better get some awesome film roles first huh? Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were hysterical. Great writing and delivery. I'm sure Bruce Vilanch had a lot to do with that but I don't think he is the only writer on the show. I liked the opening: Neil Patrick Harris' song, and the nominees walking out on stage. I thought it was a nice touch to have those awesome dancers dance the nominated songs instead of 5 sometimes boring performances (I not talking about the year when It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp for Best Song!). Also enjoyed the live and personal tributes given to the Best Actor/Actress nominees. Speaking of Best Actress, didn't think that Gabby S. (can't spell her name) would win, but who cares after that glowing tribute from Oprah. Even she was wearing a blue gown. I love that all the Precious women wore the same color. They looked beautiful and what a show of solidarity. I can't remember if Mariah was wearing blue or not and I didn't see Robin Thicke's wife Paula at all.
Well congratulations Mo'nique. We all knew that was coming, but after watching the final Barbara Walter's post Oscar special, did I really need to know that Mo'nique doesn't shave her legs? Also found out that she and her husband have an open marriage. Hmmmm....interesting. And she was abused by her brother from age 7 to 15. All of that and she didn't cry!
All in all I was happy to see so many brown faces up front this year. The youngsters/first-timers, Gabby and the brothas from The Blind Side and Hurt Locker, Oscar winner for Best Adaptation (?) for Precious, Tyler Perry, Sapphire to my man Morgan Freeman...shoot, I almost started crying. Well gotta go work on my acceptance speech...."I would like to thank God and The Academy......"

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