Monday, March 22, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 40

Well, so much for a relaxing Sunday.  I started off heading toward Westwood (to see a play) which is just a few miles from my home and noticed that there was a ton of traffic headed toward me and beyond, like EVERYBODY was going to the beach.  I knew the LA Marathon's finish line was there and then I also realized that all those people who ran, walked, rode, or crawled those 26 miles from Dodger Stadium had to get back somehow.  Maybe they all had  people coming to pick them up.  At first I thought it was a good idea for it to be a beach run, but it must have been chaotic over there.  Traffic was a mess.  At least in years prior the route was a loop through the city so everyone ended up back where they started. I rode it on my bike in the rain in 1995.  Today, for me the marathon cut right through the path I needed to drive to get to the Geffen Theatre.  My friend Lydia made it from the valley in record time and I told her I would be right there because at the time I was going against the traffic.  Once I found out I couldn't drive north, the only choice I had was to join the cavalcade headed west so that I could get on the freeway.  The theatre said they would hold the curtain because they were getting calls from other audience members who were also stuck out there somewhere.  Once Lydia sent me a text to say the play was starting, I still tried to make it but had a little meltdown and just went home.  But not before buying my scale so that I can start my new food plan tomorrow.
I was happy to be home so I could relax and started working on my income tax but we all know how taxing that can be. much for a relaxing Sunday.

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