Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 37

I almost went to bed without blogging tonight because of a headache I've had all day but it's become such a habit I just couldn't do it.  I took an Advil, rested for a moment and the headache is gone.
I see now that my blog has 9 followers!! I know there's some lurkers out there as well.  My neighbor left me a voice message saying she enjoyed my entry about celebrating her birthday at the Dim Sum restaurant.
Had a couple of great phone conversations today. Positive discussions about "the business" and moving my business forward.  I don't know if I mentioned it here, Saturday March 13th was my 25th anniversary.  I moved to Los Angeles from New York 25 years ago!!  Wow.  After all that time and making a name for myself in show business, I feel that I qualify to help others pursue their dreams. I've been noticing lately that many people have been asking my advice about a any number of issues regarding their show business careers.  Creative types of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience.  First of all, that tells me that they respect my opinion but more importantly not once did I feel that I didn't have a viable answer or that I couldn't help them.  So soon I will be taking that idea to the next level. 
Went to another food meeting today and my relationship with food is about to change tremendously.  As of 5:45 tomorrow morning.  First thing I have to do is weigh myself.  (I guarantee you will not see the numbers posted here so don't even bother to look.) I already have a food plan for tomorrow and then I take it a day at a time.  I have a feeling there will be instructions that I will not want to follow, but if I want results I know what I have to do. Let's start with my favorite prayer.   God, Grant me the serenity....

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  1. You do give the best advice - the best! I am so glad we met. Don't worry about the food thing, I always feel alot better when I am eating better. We will have to do one of your videos about it! it's be fun! See you soon!