Friday, March 19, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 38

I couldn't start my new food plan today because I don't have a digital scale to weigh my food.  Great.  Just what I need...a reason to continue to eating badly.  I did OK for the early part of the day, but later after being a bit stressed out by a last minute audition, I pigged out on unhealthy snacks instead of a decent meal.  At least I'm aware of when I eat badly and I'm starting to see a pattern about why.  Being stressed out, having too much to do, not having time to cook, not slowing down long enough to cook causes me to buy junk.  I also notice that I eat in the car, the same way I used to smoke in the car. That's kinda tacky. There seems to be a link.  Hmmmm.
I've have 6 auditions in 5 days with a couple of callbacks thrown in the mix.  I'm getting closer to booking something.  It's inevitable.  I actually had a moment of joyful wonder as I thought, "What's my next job gonna be?", cause there will be a next job. In the meantime, I must remember to gratefully enjoy the journey.

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