Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Clear Channel - Day 43

Whew! Let me breathe for a second. My audition streak has ended for a minute. I must have had about 11 auditions in 8 days! That may have been my longest run of auditions in my entire career. Commercials, films, TV shows, callbacks. OK, so my ears are burning...a bunch of folks are considering me for something right now...who's it gonna be?....what's my next project?...git wit me! Tomorrow I get my income tax done...that will definitely put a smile on my face AND I could get one of those last minute auditions. Let's see what happens. When I had less auditions, my booking ratio was higher. Weird.
Short and sweet tonight. Gotta watch The Office before I go to sleep. Gonna call that lady at 6AM. Geez! Didn't have a perfect food day but they tell me...Progress not perfection.

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